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How does it work?

At GreenZone, you can easily purchase supplies for your florist business. Choose a shipping date, order the best flowers and confirm your purchase. You’ll receive your order to your florist shop the next day.

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Our range

You'll find an overview of everything under one roof in our online shop. Thanks to our close ties with partner businesses, we are able to offer top quality at fair prices.

GreenZone: Cut flowers and cut foliage

In this section, we present products for sale that we physically have in stock and which can be purchased from us directly. For this reason, products from this section can always be delivered within 24 hours and ordered in small quantities.

Straight from the grower: cut flowers

Over 3,000 parties are on hand to supply you here. Each gardener can advertise and sell their cut flowers online. Since the products are cut on site directly, they are often only purchased as a package but are more affordable as a result.

Potted plants from the gardener

The Dutch-based company Javadoplant is our partner for potted plants. Javadoplant offers a trendy range of house and garden plants. Your order is purchased separately from the gardener.

Florist supplies

We offer an extravagant range of accessories for florists through the company Broekhof. In addition to seasonal items, you'll find everything you need to run your florist business.

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